Free wildfire assessment for landowners with 50+ acres

Do you own 50+ acres of land impacted by wildfire? Share your goals with us and we'll send you a free assessment customized to your land.

What's included in the kit:

Free satellite imagery of your land updated bi-weekly

Free before and after images of your land

Free recovery resources customized for your region

After reviewing you'll understand:

 The status of your land and cost of reforesting

 How to save on replanting with DroneSeed Carbon

 How to find scarce local seed

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Why Dr

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We are excited to work with DroneSeed to explore how we can increase the pace and scale of habitat restoration to benefit both nature and people.


Earlier this year, @DroneSeed became the first & only U.S. company to receive an #FAA waiver to use [heavy-lift] drone swarms. 


DroneSeed's 2018 & 2019 project results were recently published in a USDA Journal, Tree Planters' Notes.


DroneSeed uses five drones at a time that use a 3D map of the area to drop seeds within a centimeter of accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some common questions you may have about DroneSeed.

DroneSeed uses drone swarms to quickly and safely replant after wildfires. We are the first and only company approved by the FAA to operate our massive drones. We use swarms to dispense a specialized vessel carrying native seed and survival boosting amendments. By using seed, and not tree seedlings, we can be on the ground months ahead of standard timelines, before invasive weeds grow.

How can DroneSeed help my forest?

We know that part of the challenge with a wildfire is knowing what to do after. So we use moderate resolution post-wildfire imagery to do an estimation of what will need to be replanted. We’ll also help you understand the risks your forest now faces, and provide options and resources for next steps.

What does the free assessment get me?

Short answer: Yes! We have completed projects in a variety of environments for government agencies, timber companies, and nonprofits with moderate success so far, and constantly improving on our design. For full details, see a recent USDA publication of our initial trial results.

Does drone reforestation with DroneSeed work?

Put simply, we will start with an aerial survey collecting high-resolution imagery and LiDAR data. We’ll use the data to identify ideal microsites for your plants, and let you keep the processed data as part of our service. We then come back and use our drone swarms to dispense the pucks, and follow-up with post-project monitoring. You can also watch this feature of us explaining our process on NBC's Today Show.

What is DroneSeed’s process?


Replanting with drones works


Six times faster than a human tree-planter



Airborne over post-wildfire sites within 30 days

Propagates 40 acres in a single day

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