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Previously, Grant founded a company that worked on turning food waste into fish food. It was acquired. Under the acquirer he built a 60,000 square foot factory and raised $10 million. These days, Grant is working to lead DroneSeed to make reforestation scaleable and build an awesome culture. Often found wearing his signature canary blue button-up while drinking kombucha, if you ever have a question on obscure Senate rules, Grant is your guy.




Jeff previously spent five years writing code to make online maps and navigation amazing at a big company whose name starts with a G. At DroneSeed, he’s working on making sure our hardware and software play nicely, and is always thrilled to educate us on the intricacies of wire gauges, WIFI signals, and cable making. A hobby trombone player who can be often seen wearing a full-print wolf t-shirt (no one is totally sure if he wears it ironically), Jeff can sometimes be found laughing so hard that he cries.



VP Operations/Co-FOUNDER

In the past, Logan worked on designing 30-ton machines to help oil companies to operate more efficiently. These days he’s working on helping DroneSeed reforest, and our go-to guy for just about anything and everything. From designing new parts for our drones to organizing our gear and fleet to help us have the best field days possible, he’s got us covered. Some have even called him “The High Commander of the Drone Brigade”...he’s that good. Oh, and he kind of looks like Damian Lewis.




Before joining DroneSeed, Savannah had just finished her degree in Geomatics, navigating her way through courses in hydroclimatology and computer architecture. Currently, she’s working on engineering dumb drones into sentient beings, and our resident GIS master. Between critiquing TV shows and asking if what she just said was a "Canadian thing”, she can be found complaining about her early morning half-marathon running schedule.




Kyle has over 12 years of experience in timber sales. He’s our resident expert in all things related to forestry, and in connecting with foresters to explain how we work and why we’re awesome.  Although he’s always excited to chat with customers, Kyle’s always ready for a day out in the forest (and often tells us that it’s been too long since he’s left the office). You’ll know Kyle when you see him - he’s that cool dad wearing purple trying to convince you it’s not in support of the Huskies. It is.



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