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Current tree planting techniques are manual, exhausting, and dangerous. The supply chain for seedlings has an almost two-year lead time. We couldn't replant the trees we have lost in the last few years, even if we could find the people to do it!

Our aircraft fly low and precisely target "microsites" where particular trees in particular biomes are expected to thrive. We can plant faster, safer, and with payloads that have shown promising germination rates.


We protect trees from invasive/competative species and noxious weeds such as Big-Leaf maple, Himalayan blackberries, and Scotch Broom using precision herbicide application. By flying low and using highly accurate positioning solutions, we can go where other solutions cannot and reduce the use of herbicides by 50% or more.

Survey and Monitoring

DroneSeed gathers precise, high-resolution LIDAR and imagery to supply critical information about tree health, forest stock, water features, and hazards to customers and aircraft operators. This high level of detail enables us to find the most ideal sites for planting and precisely target invasive plant species.

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