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DroneSeed is currently solely focused on controlling competitive vegetation. We protect trees from invasive species and noxious weeds such as Big-Leaf maple, Himalayan blackberries, and Scotch Broom. Keeping these areas viable remains a dynamic problem -we are able to help protect both precise areas as well as areas that span hundreds of acres using either one drone or swarms of coordinated drones, respectively.

FUTURE Applications


While spraying is our current sole focus, it makes planting possible by controlling competitive vegetation to give seeds the survival rates necessary to be viable. As we grow, our drone swarms can be equipped with a different module that uses compressed air to fire tree seeds into places they’ll grow well called “micro-sites.”  We are able to skip manual hole digging and avoid intense work that is the equivalent of two marathons each day. Our automated equipment are also able to plant orders of magnitude faster than some of the best and fastest tree planters.

Data Acquisition

As we grow we are able to collect a lot data pertaining to the surrounding environment and underlying terrain because we have swarms of drones flying in the air with multiple cameras. We are able to package this data up into clean, concise, analytical data sets that give insight to forestry companies, helping them make better decisions about managing and harvesting their timberland.

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