Drone reforestation.

QuickerSafer. Ready.


Six times faster than a human tree-planter


Airborne over post-wildfire sites within 30 days


Propagates 40 acres in a single day

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Introducing a new tool for wildfire reforestation.

Shortcut multi-year rehabilitation efforts.

 Our mission 

Make reforestation scalable.

Mitigate climate change.


Free wildfire assessment for landowners with 50+ acres

Free satellite imagery of your land updated bi-weekly

Free analysis of the fire's impact on your land

Free help finding scarce local seed (w/your permission)

Free price comparison and carbon offset discount

Do you own 50+ acres of land impacted by wildfire? Share your goals with us and we'll send you an assessment kit customized to your land. 

Why Dr

The challenge

Nature's capacity to reforest is in exponential decline due to fire severity and frequency. Existing tools and nursery supply chains are woefully inadequate to fill the gap.


Our customers have millions of acres of land and — without intervention — 90% of those forests could be lost in 20 years in the highest risk areas. 


Better tools are needed. That's the challenge we rise to meet at DroneSeed.

Our story

Climate change makes every other problem harder to tackle. Three years ago we resolved to find a way to mitigate it.​

Since then, we've spent time with foresters to learn about their pain-points in the field. We've talked to nursery managers about breakthroughs in seed enablement. And we've listened to climate scientists about the best tools to sequester carbon.


DroneSeed is the culmination of those continuing conversations.

Why Dr


Why Dr

Pricing model

We charge per acre as a service. 

  • Quotes based on size of acreage

  • Avoid expensive site prep costs

  • Ship us your seed and we'll manufacture patented seed vessels for your site

Let's see if we're a good fit.

Tell us about your land.

Carbon credits

We can offer a discount to market reforestation costs.

  • Save up to 43% more with carbon credits

  • Percentage of carbon credit royalty shared with landowner

  • Quotes based on acreage size, land use, and if timber use — number of decades of growth planned


Why Dr

What we do

Advanced seed enablement

Professionals know that nursery suppliers lack capacity to reforest after sizeable wildfires — especially repeat fires.


That's why we've invented a proprietary seed vessel that boosts survival rates.

Now there is a a go-to contingency plan to quickly restore thousands of acres of wildfire ravaged land starting in 30 days.


air support

We understand that forestry is complicated. Sometimes you need tree-planters, sometimes you need helicopters.

DroneSeed is the sweet spot in-between. Keep the speed, boost the survival of seed, and do it affordably and at scale.


We load thousands of seed vessels at a time into our FAA heavy-lift certified drone swarms, each aircraft planting 3/4 of an acre per flight, or 57lbs.

Veterans of

forest science

We're a team of silviculturists: nursery managers, foresters, ecologists, biologists, and engineers. We love the data, theory, and the hands-on work necessary to grow forests.

We understand land owner objectives. We work with 3 of the 5 largest timber companies in the world and The Nature Conservancy.

Our customers trust us on-site to do our work independently, safely, in compliance, and on time.



We are excited to work with DroneSeed to explore how we can increase the pace and scale of habitat restoration to benefit both nature and people.

Earlier this year, @DroneSeed became the first & only U.S. company to receive an #FAA waiver to use [heavy-lift] drone swarms. 

It’s not often in…tech startups that you find a group of people not just attempting to solve a serious problem but who have…done the dirty, boots-on-the-ground work that needs to happen.

With climate change we need to manage wildfires from different angles. We think drone technology offers promise as a new standard forestry tool for post-wildfire reforestation.


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